Steel Erection

28 Ton Truck Crane

28 ton truck

Booms—Inverted T-cross section, 4-section telescoping type, extended and retracted proportionally by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder and cable-crowd system. Easily replaceable and adjustable high-density nylon slide pads. 28102S
– 4-Section 28' 0" (8,5 m) to 92' 0" (28,0 m).
2-Section 26' (7,9 m) to 46' (14,0 m) jib.

Quick Reeve Boom Point—Three high-density nylon load sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings. Two removable pin-type rope guards.

Boom Elevation—Double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Working range from 9Þ below horizontal to 80Þ above.

Load Hook—5-ton (4,5 mton) capacity hook with heavy-duty swivel and weight is provided for single-line operation.


Hoist—Maximum theoretical line speed 247 fpm (75,3 mpm). Maximum theoretical bottom-layer line pull 11,500 lb (5 227 kg). Two-speed planetary reducer. Spring applied, pressure-released internal brake.

Wire Rope—335' (102,1 m) of 9/16" (14,3 mm) diameter 6 X 25 EIPS IWRC.

Swing System

Continuous rotation is standard. Externally mounted, double-reduction planetary driven by hydraulic motor. Maximum swing speed 1.5 rpm. Springapplied hydraulically-released parking brake. Ball-bearing swing circle with external gear.


Fully extended, intermediate extension and fully retracted positions. Out-and-down type with double-acting hydraulic cylinders operated independently for precise leveling. Bubble level located near outrigger controls.

Control System

Single operator platform and seat mounted to turret. Four single-axis crane controls, bubble level and system pressure gauge arranged to ANSI B30.5 standards. The operator station includes engine start/stop, air foot throttle, signal horn, load moment indicator console, boom-angle indicator, load chart and range diagram. Optional pilot operated controls not available on units configured with radio remote controls.


Hydraulic System—A 3-section vane pump direct-mounted to power take-off on truck transmission provides 32 gpm to the hoist, 21 gpm to the boom hoist and telescope circuit, and 8 gpm (80 lpm) to the swing and outrigger circuit. 70-gallon (265-liter) baffled reservoir with strainer and 25-micron filter in the return lines. Ball-type shutoff valve and strainer are provided in suction line. All fittings are ORS type and SAE. Aeroquip STC (Snap- to-Connect) on all hoses up to 1" virtually eliminates leaks.

Hydraulic Cylinders—All load-holding cylinders are equipped with integral holding valves.

Warning Systems

Load Moment Indicator (LMI)—CAN bus system maximizes expansion capabilities. Senses boom hoist cylinder pressure, boom length and boom angle. Audio-visual warning indicated overload conditions and overload shutoff feature prevents continuing overload. Operator can access all load conditions via display at the operator station.

Radio Anti-Two-Block System—Audible warning and shutoff functions prevent hook from contacting boom point.

Back-Up Alarm—Electronic audible motion alarm activated when truck transmission is in reverse gear.


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