About Us

Timothy Gulla

Chairman, President and CEO

Peter DiMatteo

President Emeritus

Samaan A. Samaan P.E.

Chief Engineer

Grace Gulla

Senior Accounting Manager

Tammy Fitzsimons

Construction Records Control

The eDASKAL Corporation was formed in 1967 by Elliott Daskal who, along with Peter DiMatteo, brought the firm to maturity by careful planning and execution of the critical public infrastructure work they focused on together. Elliott is deceased some years now and the reins guiding the firm since have been skillfully maneuvered by Tim Gulla and his staff of long-term, dedicated key employees.

Timothy Gulla Chairman, President and CEO

Tim brings more than 30 years' experience to eDASKAL corp. His comprehensive knowledge - with expertise in leasing, project management, consulting, preliminary design, and construction management through occupancy—stems from a combination of hands-on experience and educational training. With an exceptional ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, Tim is frequently sought as a consultant, particularly for project planning and management. These qualities, together with Tim's longstanding relationships with some of the country's most qualified subcontractors, have earned him the respect of both peers and clients. Tim's accomplishments have helped position eDASKAL as a leader in the construction community.

Peter DiMatteo–President Emeritus

Pete remains dedicated to the well being of the firm and brings 5 decades of experience and hands-on focus, from insights of estimating and bidding the work to creating the approach and specific directions for working with heavy equipment. He has implemented unique and difficult rigging requirements for projects ranging from replacing and resizing the thrust blocks on the Throgs Neck Bridge, installing the traveling under-slung maintenance scaffolds on the GWB, replacement of failing critical structural elements of a 100-year old Amtrak mainline railroad bridge while keeping rail traffic live to advising on difficult "Red Flag" repair situations for such demanding public authorities as NYSDOT, NYS Thruway Authority, MTA Bridges & Tunnels, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, NYS Bridge Authority, and Amtrak as well as the firm’s commercial construction contracts.

Samaan A. Samaan P.E., Chief Engineer

A licensed engineer with 27 years’ experience, Sam is responsible for the bidding and preparation of all shop illustrations, sketches, and detail drawings associated with NYSDOT, NYS Thruway Authority, MTA Bridges and Tunnels, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, NYS Bridge Authority, and our commercial construction contracts. He also supervises the production of structural steel at our fabrication shop.

Before joining eDASKAL, Sam was the field engineer for a consultancy contracted by the City of New York to inspect, evaluate, and determine methods of repair for the concrete under-deck of the boroughs of NYC. This position included supervision of the repair work and evaluation of contractors, along with insuring the acceptability of all construction materials. Sam is an integral part of our team and our client relationships.

Grace Gulla, Senior Accounting Manager

As the Accounting Manager for eDASKAL, Grace brings years of construction experience and is responsible for all aspects of accounting, including processing accounts payable and receivable, running payroll, preparing reports and preparing for year-end audits. Grace applies a hands-on approach to finance management. She works closely with our Project Managers and Executive Management to assure that all financial data is accurately reported.

Tammy Fitzsimons, Construction Records Control

Tammy has oversight of and controls and submits the critical reporting and record keeping requirements for our projects with public works entities as NYSDOT, NYS Thruway Authority, MTA Bridges and Tunnels, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, NYS Bridge Authority as well as for critical private contracts. She works closely with ownership, management staff and field teams to accurately track and record the necessary data for the different projects.


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